Lauren DiFerdinando and Luther Bates

The Nines Art Gallery

562 Main Street | Harwich Port, MA | 02646

Lauren DiFerdinando, Artist

Lauren DiFerdinando, Artist

Luther Bates, Artist

Luther Bates, Artist

Lauren DiFerdinando

Lauren grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania, drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a brush. She was awarded a scholarship to Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia at a young age, and continued with her passion receiving another scholarship to earn a BFA from Syracuse University.

Business opportunities allowed Lauren to travel the country, providing exposure to some very influential art collections. She moved around various coastal towns before finding her home on Cape Cod. Her experiences offered a raw view of captivating landscapes, which piqued her interest in looking at water; the way it reflects and moves. These properties intrigued her and she became focused on both the subtle intricacies and the feeling as a whole that come from translucent objects and materials.

The interpretations of these properties are open and endless. They present not only a challenge, but an infinate array of visual layers of light and color.

On the fundamental nature of her paintings, she says:

“I want to explore translucent subjects by capturing the details that are not closely observed or appreciated - slightly exaggerating them to show the beautiful angle of sight they create in our everyday life. When I focus in closely on a bottle, it’s no longer simply a bottle - it becomes a mood and I feel a tangible sense of emotion and appreciation for the sheer beauty of the colors within the glass. When I can get inside the actual glass, to me it feels like water. Seeing through the glass gives an incredible feeling of depth and space.”

Lauren is known for her paintings involving glass and water. Her work has been featured in galleries in Nantucket and Chatham, MA; Newport, RI; Stone Harbor, NJ; and Stuart, FL. Currently, Lauren’s entire collection of original pieces is showing exclusively in her own gallery, The Nines Art Gallery, in Harwich Port, MA.

Luther Bates

Luther grew up in Chatham, MA fishing, boating, playing hockey, and devising inventive ways to enjoy life on Cape Cod. He holds a BA in Economics with concentrations in Geology and Architecture from Cornell University. Between various scholarships and commercial shellfishing for Monomoy steamers, his collegiate education was 100% self-financed.

After graduation, Luther was recruited by a private equity firm as an options trader on the floor of the NYSE, politely declined, and wet cod fishing instead. On the long steams to the fishing grounds, he read countless books on real estate, construction and home inspection. His fishing proceeds were leveraged to acquire properties in Chatham, to build his own post and beam house, and to develop a wholesale tree business. As new regulations began to choke off fishing opportunity, Luther took up fine woodworking and cabinetry in his uncle’s custom woodshop.

In the meantime, the fishery scientists realized an arithmetic error and decided to improve the regulatory climate for Spiny Dogfish. Back out came the boots and oilskins and Luther started to fish again by setting up a longline operation on his 22ft shellfishing skiff. As quotas and catch limits began to creep upwards, the seasons began to lengthen, and Luther found himself spending more time on the water. Catching more fish, and pushing his skiff well beyond capacity, he ultimately purchased the 32’ H&H boat on which he currently longlines today.

The grandson of a relentless shutterbug, Luther always had a camera in hand, capturing epic shots of all manner of shenanigans. Initially seeking to provide inspiration for his soulmate’s oil paintings, he began to photograph the water on his daily fishing trips. Now every day at sea is an opportunity to refine the subtle nuances of ocean photography.

On sharing a glimpse into the world of a fisherman, he says:

“The ocean demands profound respect. While fishing, I always maintain intense focus on the water, exercising hyper-vigilant attention to constantly changing sea conditions. Wind speed, direction, tide cycle, bathymetry…countless variables interact throughout the day to continuously create a new ocean surface. I am privileged to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the resulting waves as they evolve to reflect the endless energy fluctuation of the sea.”

Luther currently captains the F/V Singularity, longlining alone for Spiny Dogfish off Chatham. His collection of original paintings and limited-edition photography is showing exclusively in his own gallery, The Nines Art Gallery, in Harwich Port, MA.